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August 11, 2014

You made it! Welcome! It is our pleasure to have you at our home page. Sit comfortably, grab a drink, read an article, watch a video, peruse some pictures, or check out where we’re going to be this winter on tour in our Airstream trailer.

The Gilson Board is the freshest, crispest, most buttery, and scientifically sound snowboard design on the market. Check out the story behind them, the physics, or just ogle the boards that are carved out of beautiful Pennsylvania Poplar and are pushing the boundaries of what you can do on a snowboard.

Enjoy your stay and come again soon!


"Won't Catch an edge as easily, there when you need it"

The Technology

The technology

The Gilson Board appears to be a standard snowboard. It is not.

The design on the bottom of the Gilson Board allows a new way to ride. The GB outperforms the standard board in terms of acceleration, maneuverability, and all mountain versatility, yielding a board that dominates in the park and shreds in the backcountry.

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