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    We believe in exploring our planet and having more fun outside.
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    We design all Gilson Snow Equipment with our proprietary fluid-dynamics approach at heart.
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    We build gear that allows you to explore further and have way more fun.

Each Gilson design feature is engineered with intention and precision to give you a heightened experience while cruising the mountain.

All Mountain

The Soft Edge

All Mountain, Freestyle, Freeride, Powder Boards

The Gilson Soft Edge brings new forms of agility to snowsports, making riding more fluid, progressive, and way more fun.

You can butter, surf, and float on your Soft Edge, and then lean to engage your steel edge for snappy and aggressive carves.

The best of both worlds. The most playful maneuvers paired with stable and precise carving.


All Mountain

  • Surfy Edge-to-Edge transitions
  • Increased Agility: controlled drifts + strong carves
  • Playful when you want it, aggressive when you need it.


  • Sharp edges now slide smooth: No Edge-to-Feature contact
  • Upgraded Butter Game
  • Freestyle Design that Charges Hardest from Summit to Base

Central Flex

All Mountain, Freestyle, Freeride Boards

Gilson Snowboards flex between your feet, and not much in the tip and tail. With flex between your feet, you have a contact point on either side of the flex and can take control. This gives you complete control of your flex and allows you to lock it down, preventing chatter at speed.

  • Flex you control
  • Increased performance at speed
  • Controlled pop & no chatter

Pow Channel

All Mountain and Powder Boards

The Pow Channel allows you to match your surface area in contact with the snow to the conditions you’re in. It’s like having race skis and powder skis in the same piece of equipment.

On groomers, only the runners contact the snow, giving you reduced drag and faster acceleration. In powder, your board sinks down to make full contact in the Pow Channel, giving you maximum float and a surfy ride.


Butter Pad

Freestyle and Freeride Boards

The Butter Pad is the flat region between the toe and heel Soft Edges.

The Butter Pad is a slightly raised portion of the base that contacts the snow when you stand flat. It makes for easy butters and smooth sliding across rails and boxes.

  • Playful and controlled butter game
  • Smooth sliding on features
  • No Hangups

Pow Funnel

Powder Board Only

The Pow Funnel is featured only on the Gilson FLY Powder Surfer. Under the wide surface area nose, the Pow Funnel narrows into the Pow Channel, guiding snow underfoot ans generating extra lift in the nose. The Pow Funnel delivers an incredibly surfy ride and provides peak performance in the deepest of snows.

  • Increased Lift
  • Channels Snow Underfoot
  • Delivers peak performance and a Surfy Ride